Claudia Siregar

Entrepreneur & Business Consultant

Claudia Siregar is an Indonesian German entrepreneur, business consultant and advisor. Equipped with an MA in Southeast Asian Studies and Economics, she initially worked for Market Research and Management Consultancies, primarily for European and Asian clients. In 2010 she launched her first company in Singapore and expanded it to Germany in 2015. She has studied and worked on four continents and speaks fluent English, German, Bahasa Indonesia and Spanish.
Building her career around consumer and market insights, designing and creating customer-centric products and services, she specialises in bridging cultural gaps. She is keen to explore the impact of digitisation, digitalisation, and emerging technologies on society, international business and economic growth.
Claudia Siregar also mentors professionals and entrepreneurs. She hopes to support them and be the go-to person she wishes she could have had a few decades ago. In today’s interconnected world, she feels the need to share more of her views. Being influenced by many different cultures, she hopes to instill better cultural understanding and promote international collaborations so people can succeed, not just in business, but in everything they choose to do in life!

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